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Awesome Father, "Fanani"

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Awesome Father, “Fanani”

I have a father that name is Fanani. Actually, he has many names in some places. He has name “Fanani, Supanan, Panan, and Manan”. This situation sometime makes me confused to define my father name in some places. My father was born Banyuwangi city that was in tip of east java that was near from Bali Island. My father was born without official document government because my grandfather and mother had the lack of education. So, they did not pay attention about official document government in their family that be caused all family members in his family did not official document. His father was named Soewandi, he was a one of socialite in Tegaldlimo district. His mother was named Maimunah. My father had 2 brothers and a sister. When small my father lived in unpretentious life because he had a grandfather that be respected by in Banyuwangi city. His grandfather was named K.H. Mustahal that ever led one of traditional self -defense art organization that had a role to forbid the system of colonizes in past time. he had a wife that was named Siti Alfiah, a son that was named Fahmi Reza Alfani, and a daughter was named Assania Sofatul Marwah.
When he was young, he was one of child that was different from other children. He always went truant from his school when in his place was the harvest season. In his young, he had many jobs that using the hard physics, such as the brick maker, the rice field porter, the fisherman, and the farmer. He did all of the jobs because he wanted to help financial in his family. At the time, in his family was difficult to look for some principle commodity. So, the best solution all of family members in my father’s family had to work however one of them had the statue of students. My father was also one of the weird men in contrary with his friends. He had the invulnerable body knowledge that has the function while the sharp thing stuck his body. He got the knowledge from his grandfather because his grandfather had a traditional self-defense art organization. My father practiced the knowledge because he just wanted to try something that he did not get yet in his life. My father always tried something however it was difficult to achieve it. My father would struggle to conquer what he faced. Other oddity of my father, when he  slept with the tiger when he stayed the night in the forest after looking for some fishes in the beach with my grandfather. This activity was second job from my father; he always went to beach if there was not job in the rice field. He was presumed death by his father when he swam in the sea to look for the cockle shells because he was crashed by wave, then he sank in the sea, fortunately, his father rescued him so fast.
After graduate his senior high school, my father went to Surabaya city to look for something experiences. The first aim my father to go there was to look for some workings or jobs. The one of cause, he went to Surabaya city because at the time, there were not the workings in his village. So, he wanted to help financial in his family. In Surabaya city, my father worked relating to the hard physics, such as the builder, the paving porter, etc. He worked all of it seriously. He also had the good habit awesome while he was sick. He was able to recover his body so fast when he was sick. He always implant positive thinking in his mind such as, he did not permitted his body so sick. If he was sick, so he could not eat and he could not dispatch the money to his family. Everyday was working. In the cost limit his life, he tried to study in university however he stopped his study in the mid of his study because he want to fund my mother’s study.
My father had the interesting love story with my mother. He want to recognize my mother with some ways however the first, my mother did not like what my father did to approach her because her opinion, my father was like civilian man. My father was interesting my mother because my mother was beautifull and my mother studied about moslem material in one of universitie in Surabaya city. My father wanted to look for a wife that had good background about Moslem in order to can giving direction his son and daughter in good side in future time. My mother was difficult be conquered her love by my father. Lastly, my father was success to conquer her love with some ways, of course, he used awesome ways to conquer my mother such as, he clamping down my mother everywhere, giving the love letter to my mother, etc. When my father was success getting my mother’s love, there were many things that forbid them to have good relationship, especially in my mother’s family. In my mothers’ family is an upper class family or in Java traditional was called ‘Priyayi’. On the contrary of my father was from common civil. At the past time, my mother lived in her uncle that had occupation brigadier general in one of Indonesian army. When my father visited my mother in my mother live, my father would be fore gun with AK-47 rifle by my mother uncle but my father was not afraid to face him. Since happening it, if my father wanted to meet my mother furtively. My mother was kind so much with my father. When my father was so busy to work, my mother tried to help washing his clothes. When my father was so sick, my mother took care him until he recovered. Time by time, my father was success to convince family’s father that he would make prosperous life’s my mother if she became his wife. Lastly, my father was married with my mother when mother studied in her university at 5th semester.
After married with my mother, he got the good working. He worked in office in personnel. When my mother was born me, he got the work stoppage because the company's that he worked, it got the bankrupt situation. At the past time, the term was so hard difficult in his family but my father did not want to give about the problem. He move on working what he got such as, building maker, paving porter, etc. they were like his working in past time when he did not marry with my mother yet. He always moved on the jobs to look for some financial, such as, he was a the maker and the seller soybeen cake. He never gave up to make happier his family. Then, he found the new good working that focusing on electricity. He became an electricity porter in an electricity project. He always paid attention every project that was gotten by his leader. After he understood all of steps to get a project in electricity, he resigned becoming an electricity porter. He tried to become a sub-contractor in electricity. At the first time, it was difficult situation. He had to look for some connections in order to can lobby getting a project. With his struggling, my father got many connections to succeed some projects. His hand ever was a fire at the repairing electric in a building. After he recovered it. With the situation, he did not stop work in the electricity, indeed he expand his some connections in the working of electricity in order to he could keep the financial in his family.
Sometimes, my father got a temperamental some situations but his temperamental relating in good side such as; his some porters were slow to finish a project. My father scolded to them with bad emotion. Lastly, all of the porters could finish the project so fast. Other situation, He ever got bad emotion in the religion department at the situation my mother did not allow perform hajj pilgrimage because at the time, my mother was a pregnant my young sister. The last, mother allowed perform hajj pilgrimage with the many terms and conditions. When my father scolded someone, my father always thought a situation and condition in some problems. He did all of it in order to make energy positive to them to do what he wanted.
My father had a good zeal and spiritual. Of course, before he did all of anything, he always praise to god in order to he was given good direction by god. He always gave anything of spiritual to his family, especially for me. He taught that a spiritual to god was more important than anything the problem. He always pressured to his family in order to do all of duties in Moslem rules, such as, he would gave a physic punishment to me, if I did not one of Shalat activities. He did all of it in order to all of members in his family to do all of Moslem rules and his family was blessed and saved by god in all of activities. He also always gave some spirits to his family getting a collapse situation, such as me, I always remind what he talked when I felt collapse in many situations and condition. I always did what my father suggested to me.

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